John Huff

We have been truly impressed by Crystal Clear Computer Solutions. They are always so quick to resolve any issue we may have. All of their employees have been very professional and willing to help in any way possible. We rarely have issues due to the fact that their techs have set up our systems to detect any potential problems, so they are resolved before becoming a major issue

Dr. Valentine Emechete

Crystal Clear Computer Solutions’ techs are very accurate and professional. We appreciate the fact that whenever our systems go down, 3CS is able to bring it all back up right away in a timely manner. Also, they took the time to train our employees on how to navigate the systems.

MacAuther Sharkey

Their techs have a firm, cumulative knowledge of the subject matter. They are very professional, prompt, and personal. They place an emphasis on not just immediate solutions, but a focus on solutions that eliminate the propensity for future problems. My facility had a network problem and problems with our Eaglesoft software. A service ticket was sent, and these problems were resolved within an hour, even remotely. Our facility does not encounter recurrent problems, which was a major issue before 3CS took over our network maintenance. We are thoroughly satisfied with our service from 3CS.

Martha Pitts

Detail of services.  Do not mind asking questions.  Server is running better and faster along with workstation.

Erica McClendon

Very competent and a willingness to please attitude.  Our recently upgraded website looks great!  CCC accomplished our major IT projects but having access to IT personnel that can promptly answer even the small questions was and is a huge benefit to our company.

Antoinette Russell

There is nothing that Crystal Clear Computer Solutions needs to improve on!  The customer service is excellent, the service is always immediate and accurate, and the employees are knowledgeable and able to solve all of my problems and issues!

Jessica Chaney

I had printing problems, and the issue was fixed right away.  I really enjoy the fact that I can put a help ticket in online.  Also,  I like that his team is knowledgeable about their services, so I do not have to rely on one person to help with any questions or concerns I may have.

Timothy Dortch Jr.

I really like the fact that everyone at Crystal Clear Computer Solutions is very knowledgeable.  I was very happy with them formatting the external hard drives.  The service is always reliable, and someone is always there to answer the phone when I need something.

Jennifer Sadler

Since hiring Crystal Clear Computer Solutions, I feel like I understand a little more about computers overall.  I was very happy with them setting up my outlook account, and I love how easy it is to communicate with them.  There is nothing I would change about Crystal Clear Computer Solutions or their service!