Municipal Government and non-profits


Municipal Government & Non-Profit Organizations

The Non-Profit Sector: Municipal Governments and Non-Profits Sensitivity to efficiency and affordability

Since our launch in 2010, 3CS has being highly sensitive to mission-driven organizations and local governments. We understand that non-profits have IT needs similar to the for-profit sector, but often have to operate within tighter budgets. At 3CS, we have made partnerships with municipalities and non-profit organizations one of our specialty areas.

We are dedicated to promoting communication and collaboration with the public, as well as within and among agencies.

3CS provides integrated voice, data, and multimedia communications systems that can facilitate economic development, improve emergency management, expand services, and result in better overall satisfaction. Our Total Technology Protection Plan is designed to help agencies build stronger communities both in and outside their offices. Also, our services are priced affordably, so you will be able to stay within your budget.

3CS’s municipal and non-profit network solutions include:

Our customer support and services are available 24/7 for your convenience and to give you complete peace of mind. 3CS takes pride in helping the community. We are proud to support those who also make it part of their mission.

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